Thursday, September 28, 2023

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“Fresh Identity for Latter & Blum Property Management”

Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc. Announces Rebranding

Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc., formerly known as Latter & Blum Property Management Inc., has announced a rebranding. The company made the announcement during its annual manager’s conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. The rebranding is intended to differentiate the property management company from Latter & Blum Real Estate, which is owned and operated by Latter & Blum Holding LLC. The rebranding will not affect the ownership, management, or client services of the company, which will continue to be provided by Rampart Multifamily Management, Rampart Commercial Management, and Wurth Real Estate Services.

Key Points

  • Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc. is rebranding from Latter & Blum Property Management Inc.
  • The rebranding is intended to differentiate the company from Latter & Blum Real Estate.
  • The ownership, management, and client services of the company will remain the same.

Joseph Pappalardo Sr., the CEO of Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc., stated that Latter & Blum Property Management has operated as a separate entity from Latter & Blum Real Estate since 1989. He believes that the rebranding will make it easier for clients to understand the company’s services and less confusing for potential customers, residents, and tenants. The rebranding also better reflects the mission and services of the property management company.

Pappalardo also cited the rapid expansion of the sector as a justification for the rebranding. He believes that Rampart is a symbol of the company’s commitment to looking after the investments of its clients. It is also a tribute to the heart of the areas that the company serves and stands for tenacity and devotion.

Wurth Real Estate Services

Wurth Real Estate Services, a subsidiary of Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc., will prioritize the management and upkeep of single-family homes and modest multi-family buildings. Joseph Pappalardo Jr., the president of Wurth Real Estate Services, believes that homes are important financial and emotional investments. He feels privileged to give back to the communities, manage his clients’ investments, and be a resource for the people who live there.

Scope of the Company

Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc. is based in New Orleans and serves Louisiana, as well as parts of Texas and Mississippi. The company employs more than 310 people and manages more than 10,000 multifamily units, millions of square feet of commercial property, and over 1,000 small residential units. Despite the rebranding, Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc. will continue to manage these properties.


Rampart/Wurth Holding Inc.’s rebranding is a strategic move to differentiate the company from Latter & Blum Real Estate. The rebranding will not affect the ownership, management, or client services of the company, which will continue to be provided by Rampart Multifamily Management, Rampart Commercial Management, and Wurth Real Estate Services. The company’s focus on managing and maintaining properties will remain the same, with a priority on single-family homes and modest multi-family buildings.

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