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Cinema Dhamaka: Hold Your Horses, Cinema Day Can Wait!

:The International Cinema Day was introduced as a way to attract moviegoers back to cinemas after the Covid-19 lockdown. With the rise of OTT streaming platforms and home entertainment options, people were hesitant to visit theaters. The cinema day offered highly concessional admission rates to entice audiences to return to the big screen experience.


  • The International Cinema Day was introduced to encourage moviegoers to return to cinemas after the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Exhibitors in the US and UK offered highly concessional admission rates, significantly lower than regular prices.
  • The rise of OTT streaming platforms and home entertainment options posed a challenge to cinema attendance.
  • The cinema day aimed to reintroduce the joy of watching movies on the big screen and enjoying popcorn and cola.
  • The marketing ploy served its purpose, as audiences gradually returned to cinemas when the flow of desired films improved.
  • The UK, US, Australia, Holland, and Indian exhibitors celebrated the cinema day this year as well, aiming to make it a tradition.
  • International Cinema Day: Bringing Moviegoers Back to the Big Screen

    Reintroducing the Magic of Cinema

    Remember the International Cinema Day? That is the day of highly concessional cinema tickets. The cinemas in the US and UK introduced the cinema day last year. In that post-Covid19 lockdown phase, it looked as if the moviegoers had lost interest in going to the cinemas. As a result, exhibitors all over, feeling the pinch, had to find a way to get their audience back to the cinemas.

    The idea these exhibitors came up with was to introduce the cinema day. On this day, the admission rates were cut to affordable levels. Say, $4 in the US and £3 in the UK. A half or less than that of the normal admission rates. Now there was a supply of films (though limited because of the Covid19 lockdown). But, there was no demand, folks were not quite inclined yet to visit the cinemas for various reasons.

    The Rise of OTT Streaming Platforms

    One of the reasons for the people to keep away from cinemas was also the rise of OTT streaming platforms, besides the Pay Per View and Pay TV facilities already available at home. OTT had proved to be a perfect alternative to the silver screen.

    So, what was the International Cinema Day aimed at? It was a plan to reintroduce movie lovers to the cinema, the big screen. It was meant for people to return to that big screen experience and to having popcorn and cola while watching a film.

    One day of concessional admission rates was the bait, like the annual or end of season sales at supermarkets. You end up at a cinema even if you have been reluctant so far. It was common knowledge that this was not going to happen every day! This marketing ploy had served its purpose.

    A Successful Strategy

    When the flow of films the people wanted to watch got better, the audience came back to the cinemas. Box office figures of the post-Covid19 lockdown films will vouch for that.

    Still, the cinemas in the UK and the US, and in some other countries, organised the Cinema Day even this year. For them, it was not a flash in the pan. They wanted to make it a tradition.

    So, this year, the UK celebrated the day on September 2 with admission rates blocked at £3; in the US, it happened on August 27 with a standard admission rate of $4. Exhibitors in other countries such as Australia and Holland also marked this special day.

    Indian exhibitors had a cinema day of their own, too, last year. Naturally, one would expect them to do so this year as well. The announcement to this effect was expected.

    The Future of Cinema Day

    The call is going to be tough, though! Last year, on Cinema Day, tickets were offered at concessional rates because there was no flow of new…

    As the world slowly recovers from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the cinema industry is making efforts to bring back the magic of the big screen experience. One such initiative that gained popularity last year was the International Cinema Day. Introduced by cinemas in the US and UK, this special day offered highly concessional cinema tickets to entice moviegoers back to the theaters.

    During the post-lockdown phase, it seemed like the interest in going to the cinemas had waned. With the rise of OTT streaming platforms and other home entertainment options, people found it more convenient to enjoy movies from the comfort of their own homes. To combat this trend and revive the cinema industry, exhibitors came up with the idea of Cinema Day.

    On this designated day, admission rates were significantly reduced to affordable levels, such as $4 in the US and £3 in the UK. This drastic reduction in ticket prices aimed to lure audiences back to the cinemas, offering them a chance to experience the magic of the big screen once again. It was a marketing ploy, similar to the annual or end-of-season sales at supermarkets, designed to create a sense of urgency and encourage hesitant moviegoers to give cinemas another chance.

    While the initial Cinema Day faced challenges due to limited film releases during the Covid-19 lockdown, it successfully served its purpose of reigniting interest in cinema. As the flow of new films improved and people began to miss the immersive theater experience, audiences gradually returned to the cinemas. The box office figures of post-lockdown films are a testament to this resurgence.

    Encouraged by the positive response, cinemas in the UK, US, and other countries have continued to celebrate Cinema Day this year as well. On September 2, the UK offered admission rates at a discounted £3, while the US celebrated on August 27 with a standard admission rate of $4. Exhibitors in Australia, Holland, and other nations also embraced this special day, aiming to establish it as a tradition.

    Indian exhibitors, who had their own Cinema Day last year, are expected to follow suit this year as well. The announcement regarding their plans is eagerly awaited.

    However, the road ahead may not be easy. With the film industry gradually recovering and new releases becoming more abundant, the success of Cinema Day will depend on the audience’s willingness to return to theaters. The allure of concessional ticket prices may not be as strong as before, but the tradition of Cinema Day serves as a reminder of the unique experience that only the big screen can offer.

    As the world adapts to a new normal, the cinema industry continues to evolve and find innovative ways to captivate audiences. Whether it’s through special events like Cinema Day or the introduction of new technologies, the magic of the big screen will always hold a special place in the hearts of movie lovers.

    Source, as per m.timesofindia.com

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