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Ravi Teja’s Resounding Backing for Engaging and Story-rich Movies

:Action star Ravi Teja is using his own money to promote content-driven movies and support new talent in the Telugu film industry. He recently backed the films ‘Changu Re Bangaru Raja’ and ‘Sundaram Master’, both of which are comedy films. Ravi Teja’s support for small-budget and non-star films is seen as crucial in drawing audiences and giving these movies a boost.

Summary:– Ravi Teja is promoting content-driven movies and supporting new talent in the Telugu film industry.– He recently backed the comedy films ‘Changu Re Bangaru Raja’ and ‘Sundaram Master’.– Ravi Teja’s support is crucial for small-budget and non-star films to draw in crowds.– He has a knack for picking novel stories and laugh-riots.– Ravi Teja’s production company, RT Team Works, aims to support thematic movies.– His support for these films is seen as setting a precedent in the industry.

Ravi Teja Takes on a New Mission: Promoting Content-Driven Movies

Ravi Teja, the popular action star, is making waves in the film industry with his latest endeavor. He is investing his hard-earned money to promote content-driven movies, aiming to provide a boost to small-budget films and support new talent.

Action star Ravi Teja is on a new mission these days. He is pumping in his hard-earned money to promote content-driven movies. His latest offering is ‘Changu Re Bangaru Raja’ starring Kartick Ratnam.

Known for his impeccable comic timing and entertaining performances, Ravi Teja has become a household name in the Telugu film industry. However, he is not content with just being an actor. He has now taken on the role of a producer, determined to give a much-needed boost to content-driven movies.

“I liked the script narrated by director Satya and I kept laughing throughout the narration. The wit and humor in the script reminded me of veteran director Vamsi. I gave him a free hand,” he said at a promotional event.

A Supportive Backing for Small-Budget Films

Ravi Teja’s support for small-budget films is crucial in an industry where star-driven movies dominate the box office. With his brand and popularity, he is able to generate buzz and draw attention to films that may otherwise struggle to find an audience.

He is also backing another laugh-riot ‘Sundaram Master’ starring Viva Harsha, and its trailer has already evoked a few laughs. Ravi Teja’s determination to support content-driven movies is evident, as he gives a free hand to the makers when he likes the theme of the film.

“Ravi Teja is determined to give a boost to content-driven movies. If he likes the theme, he just gives a free hand to the makers. His support is quite crucial for small-budget films, and his brand is evoking some buzz,” says a .

A Knack for Picking Novel Stories

Ravi Teja’s success as an actor can be attributed to his ability to connect with young talent and pick unique and entertaining stories. This same formula is now being applied to his production ventures, where he aims to promote new talent and provide a platform for fresh and innovative storytelling.

Actually, Ravi Teja rose to dizzy heights by working with young directors like Srinu Vaitla, Vamsi, Harris Shankar, and many others. He is now extending this approach to production and promotion, quickly making decisions and supporting thematic movies.

“He connects with young talent much faster than others. He makes quick decisions and doesn’t delay much after listening to the story. He has a knack for picking novel stories and laugh-riots,” adds the .

Setting a Precedent for Telugu Heroes

Ravi Teja’s foray into production is setting a precedent for other Telugu heroes. By supporting thematic movies and giving them his much-needed backing, he is shedding light on the challenges faced by small-budget and non-star films in attracting audiences.

He has established RT Team Works and was a partner in his recent action thriller ‘Ravanasura,’ although it did not perform as expected at the box office. Nevertheless, Ravi Teja believes that Telugu heroes should enter production to truly understand the woes of producers.

“Telugu heroes should enter production, only then they would be able to know the woes of producers. Ravi Teja is setting a precedent by supporting thematic movies and giving them his much-needed support since small budget and non-star films are having a tough time drawing in crowds these days,” concludes the .

Ravi Teja’s passion for promoting content-driven movies is commendable. With his support, small-budget films and new talent have a better chance of making their mark in the industry. As he continues to back innovative storytelling and unique concepts, Ravi Teja is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive Telugu film industry.

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