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Star-Studded Affair: Jimmy Shergill, Naved Jaffrey, and More Celebs Unveil Kainaaz Pervez’s Foot-Tapping Anthem ‘Siti Mat Mar’!

:Renowned international actress and model, Kainaaz Pervez, recently unveiled her music video, ‘Siti Mat Mar’, at a grand event in Mumbai. The video, produced by Kainaaz Pervez and Priya Keshvi Patel, has garnered overwhelming attention since its release through Zee Music Company. Kainaaz Pervez, known for her roles in TV serials and numerous music videos, continues her international pursuits with this empowering video.


– Kainaaz Pervez unveiled her music video ‘Siti Mat Mar’ at a grand event in Mumbai.– Esteemed guests including Jimmy Shergill and Naved Jaffrey attended the event.– The video, produced by Kainaaz Pervez and Priya Keshvi Patel, has music composed by DJ Sheizwood.– The song emphasizes women’s empowerment with the tagline “Mera jism, Mera adhikaar.”– The video is skillfully choreographed and directed by Longinus Fernandes.– Priya Keshvi Patel serves as the casting director for the video.– Kainaaz Pervez captivated the audience with her dance performances during the launch.– Special guest Jimmy Shergill appreciated the video’s impact on women’s empowerment.– Kainaaz Pervez expressed gratitude to all the guests for their attendance.

Kainaaz Pervez Unveils Music Video ‘Siti Mat Mar’ at Grand Event in Mumbai

Mumbai, 09-Sep-2023

Renowned international actress and model, Kainaaz Pervez, recently captivated the audience with the grand unveiling of her latest music video, ‘Siti Mat Mar’, at the prestigious Shaadi Mubarak restaurant in Mumbai. The event, attended by esteemed guests and celebrities, was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

‘Siti Mat Mar’, produced by Kainaaz Pervez and Priya Keshvi Patel, has taken the music industry by storm since its release through Zee Music Company. The song, with music composed by DJ Sheizwood, carries a powerful message of women’s empowerment. Kainaaz Pervez, known for her remarkable performances in TV serials and music videos, continues to make her mark on the international stage with this captivating video.

The event was graced by the presence of notable personalities, including Jimmy Shergill, Naved Jaffrey, TV actor Ravi Gossain, Zaid, Pawan Sharma of Gangor TV, and Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, MD of Bright Outdoor Media Ltd. The guests were warmly welcomed with drums, setting the tone for a memorable evening.

The music video, skillfully choreographed and directed by Longinus Fernandes, showcases the talents of Kainaaz Pervez herself, along with Matt Adcock and Hiten Patel. With cinematography by Hossein Shirzad, the video is a visual treat for the audience.

The song, presented by Page 3 Limited and Gap Bollywood, carries the tagline “Mera jism, Mera adhikaar,” which translates to “My body, My right.” It is sung by Rapper Huma Sayyed and Sanchiti Sakat, with thought-provoking lyrics penned by Yash Eshwari.

Priya Keshvi Patel, renowned as a casting director for various Hollywood projects, not only serves as a producer for ‘Siti Mat Mar’ but also showcases her casting expertise in the video. Her contribution adds another layer of excellence to the project.

Kainaaz Pervez, who enjoyed a successful stint in Bollywood before her international journey, expressed her gratitude to the audience for their warm response to her comeback with ‘Siti Mat Mar’. The video’s emphasis on women’s empowerment resonated strongly with the viewers.

During the song launch, Kainaaz mesmerized the audience with her impressive dance performances on ‘Mehbooba O Mehbooba’ and ‘What Jhumka.’ Special guest Jimmy Shergill commended the video for its positive impact on women’s empowerment and extended his best wishes to Kainaaz Pervez and the entire team.

The success of the event was a testament to Kainaaz Pervez’s talent and the hard work put in by the entire team behind ‘Siti Mat Mar’. Despite the rainy weather, the event witnessed an overwhelming turnout of guests, showcasing their support and appreciation for Kainaaz’s endeavors.

As the music video ‘Siti Mat Mar’ continues to make waves in the industry, Kainaaz Pervez’s international journey reaches new heights. Her dedication to empowering women through her artistry is commendable, and her return to the glamour world has been met with excitement and anticipation.

With ‘Siti Mat Mar’, Kainaaz Pervez proves once again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Her talent, passion, and commitment to meaningful storytelling make her a true inspiration for aspiring artists.

As the music video continues to garner overwhelming attention, fans eagerly await Kainaaz Pervez’s next venture, hoping for more groundbreaking and empowering content from this remarkable artist.

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