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Star-Studded Sightings at Mumbai Airport: Sonu Sood, Karishma Sharma, and More Celebs Spotted! | Etimes

:This news article provides an update on Bollywood celebrities spotted at Mumbai airport on September 9, 2023. The paparazzi captured Sonu Sood, Karishma Sharma, and other stars as they arrived at the airport.


  • Bollywood stars Sonu Sood and Karishma Sharma were spotted at Mumbai airport on September 9, 2023.
  • The paparazzi captured their arrival, showcasing the celebrities looking their usual best.
  • The video of their airport appearance is available for viewing.
  • This update comes as a glimpse into the lives of these popular Bollywood personalities.
  • For more news and updates, readers are encouraged to stay tuned to ETimes.
  • Bollywood Stars Turn Heads at Mumbai Airport

    Sep 09, 2023, 14.03PM IST

    The paparazzi had a field day at Mumbai airport on September 9, as they captured some of Bollywood’s biggest stars making their way through the bustling terminal. From Sonu Sood to Karishma Sharma, these celebrities were spotted looking their usual best, leaving fans and onlookers in awe.

    As the stars stepped out of their luxury cars and entered the airport premises, all eyes were on them. Sonu Sood, known for his philanthropic work and remarkable acting skills, looked dapper in a tailored suit. His charismatic smile and down-to-earth demeanor made him an instant favorite among the crowd.

    Karishma Sharma, the stunning diva known for her impeccable fashion sense, turned heads in a chic ensemble. Her stylish airport look, complete with oversized sunglasses and a designer handbag, made a fashion statement that left everyone in awe.

    But it wasn’t just Sonu Sood and Karishma Sharma who stole the limelight. Several other celebrities were also spotted at the airport, each showcasing their unique style and charm. From elegant sarees to trendy athleisure wear, the stars left no stone unturned in making a fashion statement.

    The paparazzi were quick to capture these moments, ensuring that fans and followers could get a glimpse of their favorite stars. The video footage, now circulating on social media platforms, has become the talk of the town, generating excitement and anticipation among fans.

    For those who missed the live action at the airport, the video provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the glamour and charm of Bollywood up close. From the stars’ arrival at the airport to their interactions with fans and media, every moment is captured in vivid detail.

    As the video continues to gain traction, fans are eagerly awaiting updates and news about their favorite celebrities. ETimes, the leading entertainment news platform, promises to keep its readers informed and updated about all the latest happenings in the world of Bollywood.

    Whether it’s the airport sightings or the latest movie releases, ETimes is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of all things Bollywood. With a team of experienced journalists and industry insiders, the platform ensures that readers stay up-to-date with the latest news, gossip, and trends.

    So, if you’re a Bollywood enthusiast looking for your daily dose of entertainment, ETimes is the go-to destination. With its extensive coverage and exclusive content, the platform offers a one-stop solution for all your Bollywood cravings.

    As the paparazzi continue to capture the glamorous lives of Bollywood stars, fans can expect more exciting moments and sightings in the future. Whether it’s at the airport or any other public event, these celebrities never fail to impress with their style and grace.

    So, stay tuned to ETimes for all the latest updates and news about your favorite Bollywood stars. From airport sightings to red carpet appearances, ETimes has got you covered.

    Remember, the world of Bollywood is constantly evolving, and ETimes is here to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. So, keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting news and updates coming your way!

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